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Consignment Program

Lykke Books is proud to support local authors through our consignment program. Consignment is available to local self-published authors and small publishers whose books are unavailable through our distributors at standard terms. The main factors that determine whether or not we will carry a book are local interest, production quality, season, and shelf space. Books must be perfectly bound with the title printed on the spine. Please complete the following application and return it to the bookstore either physically or through email to

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Lykke Books is a neighborhood-based independent bookstore that loves welcoming authors, book clubs, and book events. Based on our experience in the industry, we know which types of events appeal best to our customer base.


These include:


• Events with more than one author Single author events, unless the author has a strong neighborhood/local connections, draw very little audience. Having a second author, either as a reader or as a guest host/conversation partner, makes for a more engaged and lively event. We may not offer to host some single-author events. All virtual events must have at least two authors/guests.


• Events that offer more than a readingAuthors who offer workshops, demonstrations, craft talks, or other activities are much more likely to draw an audience. Please be creative with your event proposal to create something that offers something more to an audience than simply a reading and a book signing. People will make time for an event that offers something of value to them.


• Events about our communityAuthors with books about our immediate community do well at our store. Please tell us about the local connection when you describe your book. By "local" and "immediate" we mean with our customer base, not within the state or region.PLEASE NOTE: This form is intended for authors, not publicists or publishers. If you are here because you represent an author, please forward the link directly to the writer. We reserve the right to ignore forms filled out by publicity companies.

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Response Time

We receive many inquiries each week, and book events 3-4 months in advance. Depending on when in our cycle a request arrives, a response may take 1-4 months. We will only respond if we feel your event is a good fit for our store.

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