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Author Event - Lourey, Stonich, Belcamino 

Fill out the form below to reserve your spot and titles. 

Complete the questionnaire below to help us customize your gift box for your loved one. It's okay if you can't answer a particular question--please be as complete as possible. The more information we know, the more closely we can individualize the gift box. Helpful hints: Consider contacting the recipient's partner or another family member for help in completing the form. Or, strike up a conversation asking what they're currently reading, what books they're most looking forward to reading, etc. Be creative!


Please allow at least 7-10 days for us to hand-select your gift package. Your order will begin curation at the time payment is made. Our staff will contact you to arrange payment upon receipt of the questionnaire.

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Please note: Submitting this questionnaire prompts our team to contact you to arrange payment. The order is not confirmed until payment is received.

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